July 13, 2012

alexis may

my latest alexis may clips is stuff i shot but forgot about. i am so obsessed with bouncing boobs, i forget that i actually shoot other things. Sometimes we get so deep into the hardcore stuff, the little things, like a pink thong, a perfect pussy, get overlooked.

alexis may was my 5th shoot so the footage has some amateur day things (not that its any better today.) like backround noise, a lack of direction in the sequences of the clip. all this happened because i decided just to shoot before learning to shoot. watching pro video, it seems so easy to make a porno. But it really does take planning & storyboarding & discipline to get the shots right.

I fucking love alexis may. I shot her in her absolute prime, as you can see! Thin, tan, perfect breasts, perfect vagina, my god. She even has a scottish accent (i wish i filmed more of her talking) She is just amazing.

April 13, 2012

vintage joshgirls explained

vintage joshgirls...are the first 3 shoots i produced before moving into the studio setting where most footage was shot. technically, the daphne rosen is also a vintage joshgirl shoot, happening before i started shooting at the camera kittens studio.

the difference between the vintage joshgirls is they were shot in hotel rooms, with bad lighting (not that the studio is much better, but it is better) Some of the exercises were being done for the very first time. for example, i shot the vintage joshgirls with them holding their hands behind their head. But i found the windmill like bouncing to be un-sexy, so i did not shoot this exercise in later shoots. I also did a lot of ice-n-bounce stuff that i went away from in later shoots.

angelanne was the very first shoot. i rented a hotel suite & got this big rig lighting, having no clue what i was doing. She was friendly, did whatever i wanted. Her BF was there too & shot a second camera angle. I learned a lot that day, such as porn sluts are terrible at the dialogue i wanted to produce for the aerobics theme.

ava monroe was #2, in another rented hotel room. She made me nervous because her streetwear did not show off her assets, i was about to cancel the shoot until she took out the girls. Wow. My rookiesm's & my crush on her ooze through my dialogue with her. I wish i knew which exercises worked & which didnt. Half the exercises she did, did not get great bounce factor. She had an amazing set of boobies. I loved her.

Monica triple D was #3. I went out to LA & met her. all i remember was sitting in my rental car, waiting in a parking lot for her, & she gets out of her car & all i see are HUGE TITS!  She spoke bad english. it was tough to communicate with her. But i persuaded her to bounce her boobs very hard for me. It remains one of my favorite shoots. I would say she has the perfect rack. Heavy hangers that have top shelf bounce factor!

I know the footage is super rookie quality. But i captured some nice bounces!

March 22, 2012


the members area is updated with a great slow motion clip of daphne rosen. i had a lot of trouble deciding how to edit it, put it off forever. i think it came out pretty good. has all my super amateur flavor with the funk lighting. slow mo is nice. i fell out of the habit of creating slo mo clips. time to revisit that.